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avian antibodies

The Benefits of IgY 

Purified antibodies are used in a broad range of applications to detect and quantify proteins. Antibodies are typically produced in mammalian species such as rabbits, but in many cases, chicken antibodies produced from hen eggs (IgY) give improved selectivity, sensitivity and reliability compared to mammalian IgG.
Because IgY production uses eggs and is non-invasive, it is supported by the European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM). Furthermore, one hen can produce the same amount of antibody as 10 rabbits in the same time period.  

High sensitivity and selectivity

Because IgY originates from hens, it is phylogenetically distant from mammals. Compared to mammalian IgG, avian antibodies produced against mammalian antigens typically have more antigenic epitopes, which results in higher avidity and sensitivity.  

High quality and reliability

Our IgY production and animal care facility upholds the highest standards specified in Swedish law and we have been a global supplier of IgY antbodies for over 20 years. Our IgY antibodies are used in a wide range of research and industry applications.  

Reduced cross-reactivity

Mammalian IgG typically show a high degree of cross-reactivity with IgG from other mammalian species. In contrast, chicken antibodies do not cross-react with mammalian IgG. Furthermore, they do not bind to or activate platelets, complement, rheumatoid factors, or Protein A/G that may be present in your sample.  

purified chicken antibodies from egg yolk

What is IgY?

Avian antibodies are referred to as IgY since they are purified from egg yolk (Immunoglobulin from Egg Yolk), and they are the functional equivalent of mammalian IgG. To produce IgY, hens are injected with the antigen of choice.  Highly specific, polyclonal IgY is then actively transported from the hen to the embryo via the egg yolk where a high concentration of IgY can be purified easily and non-invasively.
Not only is IgY production more efficient and humane (one hen can produce 10X more antibody compared to rabbit in a similar time period), but IgY antibodies are highly sensitive, selective and reliable. 
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AVIAN ANTIBOdy applications

IgY Application Areas 

The use of chicken antibodies (IgY) is growing, and the potential range of applications spans different fields and industries - from research and assay development to the pharma, medtech and biotech industries. Browse our Reference List to learn more about these general IgY application areas.


Immunological Assays

Using high-quality IgY antibodies have several advantages over mammalian IgG.

Pharma and MedTech

Therapeutics & Medical Devices

IgY antibody can be used as immunotherapy to prevent certain microbial infections, and has also been used in medical devices such as biosensors.


Additive in Livestock Feed

IgY antibodies have been used as an additive in feed to minimize infections in livestock. 

Other Applications

Personal Hygiene Products

IgY antibodies have been used in a variety of products, for example to prevent hair loss, acne and caries.


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