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Avian Antibodies

Increase your sensitivity using IgY antibodies

Because chicken antibodies (IgY) are phylogenetically distant from mammals, they provide increased assay sensitivity thanks to their reduced cross-reactivity with mammalian IgG antibodies. We provide high-quality IgY kits and antibodies against a range of human, mammalian and microbial antigens for a variety of research and industry applications.

Protein A ELISA Kit

Specific and highly sensitive assay to detect native and recombinant Protein A from Staphylococcus aureus in samples such as antibody preparations.

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Off-the-Shelf IgY Antibodies

Broad range of highly sensitive IgY antibodies against a variety of human, mammalian, and microbial antigens.  

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Custom IgY Antibody Services

High quality IgY antibodies custom produced against your antigen of choice.  We also offer affinity purification, FITC conjugation, and more.

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What is IgY?

The benefits of using chicken antibodies

Avian antibodies, purified from egg yolk, are referred to as IgY. To produce IgY, hens are injected with the antigen of choice. Highly specific, polyclonal IgY is then actively transported from the hen to the embryo via the egg yolk where a high concentration of IgY can be purified easily and non-invasively. 
Not only is IgY production more efficient and humane (one hen can produce 10X more antibody compared to rabbit during a similar time period), but IgY antibodies are highly sensitive, selective and reliable.
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