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Protein A ELISA

This kit is designed to detect native and recombinant Protein A from Staphylococcus aureaus (SpA), in samples such as antibody preparations. The kit utilizes IgG from chicken, also known as IgY, which is one of the few immunoglobulins that does not bind Protein A in the Fc region. 
High sensitivity and accuracy

Sensitivity of 0.15 ng/mL and recoveries close to 100%

Cost effective and flexible

96-well plate in a 8 x 12 strip format. Can be used to analyze samples with or without IgG

Price per kit: €495

Broad application range

Dynamic range of at least 3 logs enables a wide variety of applications  


Typical Applications

  • Manufacturers of Protein A columns: Use the Protein A ELISA kit for quality control of leached material.
  • Manufacturers of Monoclonal antibodies: Use the Protein A ELISA kit for quantification of Protein A in the antbody solution after purification.
  • Research and Diagnostics: Use the Protein A ELISA kit to verify the absence of Protein A in samples and avoid false results in immunological assays.

Product Information for Protein A ELISA 

Product Sheet

An overview of the Protein A ELISA Kit, including the assay principles.


Kit Insert

Detailed instruction manual that comes with the Protein A ELISA Kit



Materials and Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the Protein A ELISA Kit